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Imagine being able to return to the best version of yourself, unrestricted in doing what you love. At our practice, your worries, aches and pains will always be taken seriously. Whether you’ve got desk-bound aches, post-surgery complications, sports injuries, post-natal complications or a long-standing condition, we can help you become pain-free.

 We’ve been building relationships with families like yours in the Yarra region for 12 years to help them regain the life they love. Our goal is to make you feel better by treating the root cause of your issue, not just the symptoms.

Treating you, not just your injury

Tested strategies, proven results

Without effective treatment, nothing will change. At Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy, we know how much a healthy body matters and aim to relieve your discomfort and restore your body to full function.

We can help you regain a pain-free life, with a personalised treatment plan tailored to fit in with your lifestyle and time commitments. Whatever your age or problem, we’ve got a warm welcome and a treatment plan for you.



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Work with one of our highly qualified clinical physiotherapists who can walk beside you as we facilitate your rehabilitation and treatment for injuries or address your health concern. With specialists in general practice, women’s health and sports physiotherapy, our team understand your frustrations or worries and will create a tailored treatment plan which delivers great results, all at your pace.


Taking Care This Christmas

Taking Care This Christmas

Moving you towards better health Taking Care This Christmas TIPS & TRICKS- TIPS & TRICKSAs we count down the days until holidays commence and festivities really kick start, families around Australia are starting to relax into what’s traditionally their longest...

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Osteoarthritis Case Study

Osteoarthritis Case Study

One client was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees and was advised that she will need a total knee replacement soon. With her knee pain affecting her very physical job, this client entrusted Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy to help her manage her condition.

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Ready To Get Moving Again?


For the past 12 years, we’ve been helping people just like you to regain a healthy body; we always treat the root cause of the pain either physically or mentally,  not just fix the symptoms.


Our mission is to return you to full health, not just band-aid a solution.