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One patient, Lucy came into our clinic at 25 weeks pregnant with her first baby. She was experiencing upper abdominal pain and was understandably concerned that something was wrong with her baby. After a thorough assessment, we were able to confirm for Lucy that it was just referred pain from her lower ribs (which change position as a result of the growing baby) and Lucy was able to relax and continue on with her pregnancy. As physiotherapists, stories such as Lucy’s are success stories, where we can use our medical knowledge to reduce anxiety during this already stressful time and ensure that our patients are as comfortable as possible, as their bodies change shape ready for the birth of their child.

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COVID has impacted many of our patients in one way or another. Whilst many people speak of the economic or social implications, here at Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy, our chief concern is the impact on our patient’s health.

The journey from pregnancy to birth is an incredible one but for many, is also a time fraught with worry – for both the Mother and baby. We’re lucky to have a solid healthcare system to support women through this exciting period of their lives, but it’s become more noticeable over the past few months that women haven’t always been getting the access to medical professionals that they’d normally have and need. Restricted movement has undoubtedly had an impact on women being able to feel supported, have their concerns heard and assessed and any pain alleviated. Here at our family practice, we’ve seen an increase in women coming into our clinic having misinterpreted their symptoms, which caused unnecessary alarm over the health of the baby.

Pain in the pubic bone, lower back, pelvis and abdomen or altered sensations in arms or hands can be extremely common in pregnancy and more often than not, have a common explanation. Pain in the pelvis can be as a direct result of increased movement of these joints and ligament laxity as the baby grows, where as pain in the abdomen can be referred pain from the back or ribs as a result of body changing shape to accommodate the baby.

Physiotherapy can help provide you with short- and long-term pain relief pre, during or post pregnancy as well as provide you with safe exercises to help you feel stronger and fitter. We can also help with other common issues such as pelvic floor strengthening, post birth bladder and bowel issues and support for mastitis and blocked milk ducts. You don’t need to feel alone, there’s a whole caring family ready to support you in achieving your optimum health, so you can concentrate on your new baby.