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Taking Care This Christmas


Yarra Ranges Physio


As we count down the days until holidays commence and festivities really kick start, families around Australia are starting to relax into what’s traditionally their longest break of the year.

The prospect of a holiday this year, is perhaps especially welcome after the twists and turns that a global pandemic has delivered to us. For some of our patients, they’ve been isolated from their families, unable to travel locally or interstate to visit, have faced changes in the workplace and for some, have been home schooling at the same time. Early conversations around Christmas have suggested everyone is more excited than usual, making more of an effort and catching up on months of social visits with loved ones who they haven’t seen for a while. Our top priority at Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy is to ensure our patients have a safe and happy Christmas, whilst still enjoying the festivities.

Unfortunately, over the Christmas period, we tend to see a significant increase in the number of musculoskeletal conditions, as patients tend to push their bodies more than normal. From ladder climbing injuries to string Christmas lights, to sprained ankles from dancing at a Christmas party, to falling down a step after a few drinks – it’s all too easy to injure yourself over the break. Similarly, rapidly changing your exercise program over the break – either ramping it up now you have the opportunity for long beach runs or stopping due to lots of great Christmas movies can negatively impact your body. The body likes consistency, and it loves movement, but actioned on a gradual sliding scale, to gradually increase your muscle strength.

Christmas is a time for celebration and cheer, not for injury.

 Your family at Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy wish you a safe, happy, and healthy Christmas, hopefully, injury-free – but if not, we’re here for you.

Our top tips to stay healthy this Christmas are to:

-Keep moving:  It’s extremely easy to sit in a comfy chair with a cool drink, chatting with family, and find yourself having perched on a chair for hours. Try to stand up every half-hour, walk around and perhaps even schedule some exercise or a gentle walk into your day first thing in the morning, before the heat of the day comes up. If you have a fitness watch, set yourself targets for movement as a gentle reminder to not just ‘sit.’

– Be cautious around alcohol: Christmas for many is a time for indulgence. Whilst it’s great to have a good time, after a few drinks our decision-making and balance aren’t as strong and can lead to falls, poor decisions or further exacerbating any injuries thanks to alcohol’s diuretic effect.

Lift safely: At a time where we’re lugging boxes of decorations or presents around, we often forget to lift safely, bending the knees to help prevent back injuries. Ask someone to help share the weight if you don’t think you can safely manage.

-Stay safe from sports injuries: As families gather together, the backyard game of cricket or game of Marco Polo in the pool can get a little competitive. Sports injuries are extremely common over these holidays as people strain their shoulders, or pull their hamstring by pushing themselves a little too much. If the break from work is an opportunity to ramp up your exercise program, take it easy, and increase the pressure on your body only in small increments to prevent injury.