Meet Our Team

Maddison Findlay - Director
Maddison Findlay

Director of Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy

Availability: Wednesday 9am – 4pm & Saturday 9am – 2pm

Maddison’s passion for health stems from her basketball career in early adulthood, where she experienced a number of injuries and spent lots of time seeing different physiotherapists!

This inspired Maddison to study a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Latrobe University from where she graduated in 2010. With extensive experience in private practice, Maddison holds a special interest in women’s health; from pregnancy to post-natal support in nurturing the body back to full strength. A Mum herself, Maddison understands firsthand how much women’s health can be affected by musculoskeletal pain, mastitis or post-partum issues and loves helping other women to solve these issues.

Maddison is also APPI Pilates trained and can offer dry needling.

Ryan Carruthers
Ryan Carruthers


Availability: Friday 9am – 5pm

Ryan’s enthusiasm for sport and keeping fit, led him to study Physiotherapy at La Trobe University, graduating in 2008.

With 11 years in private practice, Ryan is an experienced general physiotherapist as well as becoming one of Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy’s sports and musculoskeletal experts, with a particular interest in helping post-operative rehabilitation.  Ryan provides a goal orientated approach to injury and works with his patients to return them to work or sport, often liaising with employers or coaches to provide advice and updates. In addition to offering physiotherapy, Ryan offers dry needling – often accompanied by terrible Dad jokes!

Ryan’s goal is to work closely with all his patients towards their health targets to help them recover from their injuries, with rehabilitation and friendly support.

Kate Basey
Kate Dasey


Availability: Monday, 9am – 5pm fortnightly

Hailing from Melbourne, Kate completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2013 and recently finished her Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Masters at Latrobe University in 2018.

Kate is a specialist hip and knee physiotherapist who is passionate about early diagnosis and who has seen first-hand the damage misdiagnosis or delayed treatment can have on someone’s quality of life. She believes in attaining a clear diagnosis for injuries or issues and in providing patients with actionable steps to work towards. Kate has extensive experience with post-surgical rehabilitation and sporting injuries and is connected with orthopedic surgeons to provide assessments, referrals for surgery if required, and support with rehabilitation.

This includes interacting with surgeon Mr Parminder Singh to bring better access to high quality hip and knee rehabilitation and orthopedic services to the Yarra Ranges.

Yarra Valley Staff - Alex
Alex Mercurio


Availability: Monday – Friday

Inspired at a young age to become a Physiotherapist when she saw their work in action, Alex was moved to see the gratitude of a man being taught to stand. It became her motivation to study and allow her to enable that for someone herself

Graduating from a prestigious University in the Philippines, Alex has vast experience working in a hospital at first, before moving to becoming a sports orientated Physiotherapist. With experience as Head of a Community physiotherapy clinic and as the personal sports physio of a National Volleyball team in the Philippines, Alex enjoys using this experience at the Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy team and removing the uncertainty of how long patients will be out of sport with their injury.

In addition to seeing patients for general and sports related issues, Alex runs Pilates groups on Tuesday and Thursday and a Hydrotherapy group on Friday.

Hope Parrocho
Hope Parrocho


Availability: Monday – Friday

Hope is a believer in Physiotherapy giving patients the support and treatment they need to journey from pain to wellness. Hope graduated from a University in the Philippines with a Physiotherapy degree, after initially starting her journey in medicine.

With experience working in a Sports Rehabilitation Centre with elite athletes and being a Resident Sports Physiotherapist for a number of commercial sports teams including the National basketball, soccer and volleyball teams, Hope loves helping her patients control their pain, rehabilitate injuries and manage injury prevention.

Hope works with all members of the community to manage their conditions and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. She runs Pilates classes Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Karyn Findlay


In Office: Monday, Tuesday and fortnightly Wednesday

Karyn has worked for Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy for over 10 years. She’s the centre point of our practice and one of the first smiling faces you’ll see as you walk in. Ruthlessly efficient, Karyn keeps our practice running with an efficiency second to none!

Karyn enjoys getting to know all our patients and their families and hearing about their story and when she’s not working, enjoys camping, travelling and her involvement with the Motorcycling Race Club of Victoria.

Gayle Cole


In Office: Thursday, Fridays and fortnightly Wednesday

Gayle has worked for Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy for 10 years and loves the pivotal role in our practice. Gayle is exceptional at getting to know repeat patients and loves to meet new faces each day. In particular, Gayle finds her job really rewarding knowing how critical the practice is to help our local community.

Outside of work, Gayle spends as much time as possible with her family and when possible likes to adventure off camping, jet skiing or relax with a fishing rod.

Melissa Findlay


In Office: Tuesday Evenings

Melissa is a familiar face on the reception desk of Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy. A well-seasoned team member, Melissa has worked at our practice for the past 5 years and enjoys helping and meeting members of our local community. Always ready with a smile and a willingness to help, Melissa is busy being a student at University when she’s not working in our clinic.

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys the great outdoors, including camping and involving herself with the Motorcycling Race Club of Victoria.


Bernie McCarthy
Bernie McCarthy

Clinical Psychologist

Availability: Friday, 9am – 5pm

Bernie is an experienced clinical psychologist who works with evidence-based therapy which is effective for a wide range of different ailments, including depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue, dizziness, skin problems, gastrointestinal discomfort and hypertension.

Bernie actively works with his patients to identify where their internal issues lie, recognises how they experience those issues physically and works with them through a process of healing. This typically involves facing those previously avoided feelings and defense mechanisms, to allow his patient to work through the issues and pave the way forward.

Bernie works with patients who are covered by Medicare, TAC, Workcover, Victims of Crime as well as most private health funds.


Susan Jenkins
Susan Jenkin


Availability: Wednesday, 9am – 5pm

Susan has been a registered psychologist for over 15 years and has worked in a wide variety of settings from schools, to GP clinics, to community health centres to rehabilitation facilities.

Susan’s philosophy is one of open mindedness in which she tailors therapy to suit the individuality of each patient, to ensure that their unique needs are addressed in the most effective way, and change is made as easy as possible. Passionate about empowering her patients, Susan’s gentle nature helps people to find the confidence to improve their coping strategies, gain greater self-awareness and change any unhelpful behavioral patterns.

Susan works with patients across a wide scope of issues including depression, anxiety, addictions, stress and grief.



Availability: Tuesday Afternoons

An Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and diabetes educator, Kai graduated in a Heath Science degree and has a Graduate Certification in Diabetes Education. Highly experienced in helping patients with chronic disease, Kai is passionate about not just educating her patients but taking preventative measures to keep diabetes, cholesterol management, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and osteoporosis in check.

Kai is experienced in working with patients who have had bariatric surgery and the pre and post management which are required for a successful outcome. Kai loves helping patients to become a healthier version of themselves, including assisting patients who need to lose weight through non-surgical ways.

Kai works with patients to create a sustainable plan for better health and always takes individual requirements and preferences into consideration. A linguist through and through, Kai is fluent not just in English but in Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien and Malay! 


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Osteoarthritis Case Study

Osteoarthritis Case Study

One client was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees and was advised that she will need a total knee replacement soon. With her knee pain affecting her very physical job, this client entrusted Yarra Ranges Physiotherapy to help her manage her condition.

Ready To Get Moving Again?


For the past 12 years, we’ve been helping people just like you to regain a healthy body; we always treat the root cause of the pain either physically or mentally,  not just fix the symptoms.


Our mission is to return you to full health, not just band-aid a solution.